How to test out any theme/plugin on your site without the risk of malfunction

In case you want to improve or rebuild your website, you’ll most probably test a theme or plugin. In that case, you’ll also need to know how to reset a WordPress database. However, no matter the reason for doing that, it can be a pretty time-consuming job. Doing all kinds of experiments on your site is a standard part of testing out new stuff. But if mistakes happen, the WP Reset plugin is the tool that’ll save your day.

The WordPress Reset plugin is one of the best plugins available on the market for resetting the WordPress database. This plugin is easy to install and use, and it gives you loads of options for resetting your database. Since this plugin uses the system of snapshots and restores options, you’re free to test new things on your site without any risks. Also, the plugin is safe and fast to use. It speeds up the testing and debugging process by providing a quick way to reset all settings. The great thing is – it’s the only development tool of this type for non-developers.

One of the best parts of using this plugin is that it comes with several fail-safe mechanisms, so you basically can never lose your data. You also get WP-CLI support that will help you get done with all needed activities pretty quickly (WP reset, WP reset version, WP reset delete, and WP reset snapshots). To get access to the complete list of these commands, all you need to do is type “wp reset” into your shell. Moreover, the plugin acts as a secure and universal system that helps connecting WP to some third-party systems. It’s beneficial for plugin and theme developers because it speeds up the testing and debugging feature. With some of the features stated above, it’s possible to reset the database to the default installation settings without even modifying any of the files. Here’s a list of options you can do from your WP dashboard:

  • Set up automatic snapshots,
  • Do nuclear reset,
  • Undo actions,
  • Remove demo data,
  • Control cloud storage.

Besides these features, there’s the multisite feature is still being adjusted, but it has reached stability for the users. WP Reset can be used by anyone who has a site (yes, even if you’re a total beginner). By reviews, it’s one of the most beginner-friendly plugins available on the market. The free plan of this plugin gives you access to features like reset theme options, delete themes and plugins, delete .htaccess files, manually or automatically set up snapshots, reset site, empty custom tables, and access to customer support. Furthermore, if you decide to go with the paid plans, you get all of these features and a lot more. The plugin offers three paid plans you can choose from – A Personal plan which is priced at $39/year, a Team plan which is priced at $79/year, and an Agency plan which is priced at $149/year.


Creating and maintaining a website or a blog requires dedication, and by using this plugin, you’re risk-free of losing your data. Even if you’re starting over and want a completely fresh installation, the nuclear reset button will be there for you even when utilizing a redirection plugin isn’t an option. The only thing that is left to do is to install this plugin and improve your site – and in case you don’t like it, there’s a 7-day refund guarantee.