Cloud Hosting Servers – Standards or Exceptions?

When you think about cPanel Hosting, most people and industry experts will stop listening to you. Not because the cPanel server management platform isn’t appreciated by anyone. It is! It has become the most popular standard in the web hosting industry. It is like going to Starbucks to get a coffee. Nothing cosmic, however, everyone loves going there, because it looks good and it is a standard that most people like. Before starting the article, I’ll make a projection – cPanel will become even better-hosting automation platform and the company’s influence will grow within the next few years! Why?

Today’s Cloud Hosting – Branded Platforms, No Standards?

cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Direct Admin, and other popular server automation software solutions have been created and established on the hosting market in the pre-Cloud era. They work best installed in a stand-alone server. Although Parallels, one of the leaders in the virtualization market and a producer of Plesk panel make a big buzz about Cloud computing I still haven’t seen them present a large and mature Cloud computing class hosting infrastructure solution. Of course, I appreciate Parallels’ business, I have used their products and I like them. However, they look like a company focused to produce their own Cloud computing platform or to create one in partnership with corporations like Microsoft. This might bring them a commercial success because there are thousands of web hosts especially in India who maintain web hosting infrastructure powered by Parallels hosting automation products.

But Cloud computing for dedicated or VPS hosting Server  is very different from the technology concept from everything we have seen. At least I see it this way. My conviction is that Cloud computing will boost the development and use of Linux based software platforms and Open source development in particular. What does that indicate for web hosting business and for cPanel?

cPanel is a corporation which is very much centered on increasing automation software for the Linux hosting market. This means that it must be more open for partnerships or any kind of collaboration with producers of automation solutions for the hosting industry.

Most of today’s website hosting services in India promoted as a “Cloud” are either not exactly Clouds or proprietary platforms to a very few Cloud Hosting providers. I appreciate a lot of business solution and anyone’s else’s in-house clouds, but they are useless for me if:

  • I need to handle Cloud hosting software platform, not a Cloud hosting service
  • I want to create my own Cloud Hosting company
  • What if I need to migrate my cPanel based servers to a Cloud hosting support.

There are some very good Cloud or Grid hosting services on the market like Hosting Raja. You can consider them for cloud-based services to make your business to the new heights of success.