Haters Gonna Hate! Best Jealousy Quotes

Are you dealing with Haters? Use this collection of the Best Hater and Jealousy Quotes on your Status!

By : HaterDude


When guys get jealous it can be kinda cute. When girls get jealous World War III is about to start.

People would say bad things about you, because it is the only way their insignificant self can feel better than you.

Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgement and ultimately withhold your destiny.

Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy because they’re the ones who think you’re better than them.
I keep my head held high and smile, because there are people who will kill to see me fall.

Chances are that when someone is hating on you, it’s not about you at all. It’s about them. It’s their fear, their jealously, their boredom, and their insecurity.

Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.

It’s sad how some people are so jealous and intimidated by you that they only have negative things to say when they know absolutely nothing about you.

A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.

Jealousy: – a sign of insecurity – a sign of weakness – a sign of obsession

Jealousy is a terrible disease…Get well soon!

Jealousy is the best compliment you can receive!

Love me or hate me I’m still gonna shine.

I’m Sorry. Sometimes I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it’s my insecurities acting up. Because I know I’m not the prettiest, smartest, or most fun and exciting. But I do know that no matter how and long you look; you’ll never find somebody that loves you like I do.

Dear Haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient.

H: Having
A: Anger
T: Towards
E: Everyone
R: Reaching
S: Success

Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back,
They’re behind you for a reason.

Love me or hate me, both are in my favor.
If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart.
If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.

Love your haters because they make you strong! Think positive, smile and let others smile. Life will be so great.

Love ur hater becuz , they r ur biggest fans !! 🙂

Haters would want to kill your dreams just because theirs fell asleep..

If you talking about me be hide my back you in a pretty good position to kiss my ass

Some people drink that “haterade”like its on sale

Some people drink that “haterade” like its on sale. LOL

Love your haters because they ARE your biggest fans!


haters should come wipe my ass, since their always concerned with my sh*t

likes smiling at the person who hates their because it makes their hate me more

B.I.T.C.H (Beautiful Individuals that Create Haters)

What happens in my life has nothing to do wit you ;; So keep my name out ya mouth, stop talkin shyt. I’m sick & tired of you fake bitchs and your bullshit!

haters.. get over it because all ur doing is making me stronger.u ain’t hurting me at all!!

TO MY HATERS: I keep it real and thats a promise I may be a bitch but atleast im honest when i walk by you stop and stare but keep on lookin cuz i dnt care

Don’t be Judging my life unless you’ve lived it.

i got alot on my mind i don’t need these F..bad..ing haters hating F..bad.. you and get a life motherF..bad..er

The way I see it ; the more people that hate me, the less I have to please. So hate all you want, ’cause it won’t make me or break me.

just to everyone who hates me for w.e. reason i dnt give a flying F..bad.. b/c u think ur better then me but id rather have friends who like me and who arent as

you need haters the F..bad.. you complaining about the F..bad.. you think there job is lady’s you got 12 haters try 2 get to 20 by the summer be proud to have haters

Got enemies? That means you probably stood up for something in your life – even if it was just for yourself.

What others think of you really doesn’t matter, it’s what God thinks of you that counts!

I love my haters! My name is always in their mouths. I feel so special to know you guys are thinking of me, thank you! 🙂

Love your haters. They’re your biggest fans. Why? Because they keep on wasting time just to watch your every wrong move.

Haters are the best.! They let you know you are on top of your game. For those people that don’t have haters. So sad. U need to up ur game an get some. Lol

It’s funny when people act like your friends, but you can totally tell they are just pretending.


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