Funny Drug Quotes | Famous Drug Addiction Quotes and Sayings

Here are some of the Best Funny Drug Quotes and Addiction Quotes, Our Collection of Drug and Alcohol Related quotes are best from the web and from the Famous People.

Funny Drug Quotes

Funny Drug Quotes

Funny Drug Quotes

“I like marijuana because i want to go to heaven before i die.” – Michael Simmons 

“If God dropped acid, would he see people?” – Steven Wright

“Marijuana, when mixed with hay, causes death to the horses that eat it.” – New York Times, 1934

“I’ve stopped drinking, but only while I’m asleep.”- George Best.

“I tried marijuana once. I did not inhale.” – Bill Clinton

“Reality is just a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs.” – Robin Williams

“I used to have a drug problem…..now I make enough money.”  David Lee Roth

“A miracle drug is any drug that will do what the label says it will do.” – Eric Hodgins

“Cocaine is God’s way of telling you are making too much money.” – Robin Williams

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” – Salvador Dali

“Weed is not a drug, it’s a plant, so i am not a drug dealer, i am florist.” – Unknown

“I don’t like people who take drugs.  Customs agents, for example.”  – Unknown

“This is a drug free America. I want my free drugs.” – Unknown

“Drugs ruin your life, cuz you shoot your self everyday & feels like a heroIN your own mind.” – Unknown

“I say no to drugs but they don’t listen to me.” – Unknown

Funny Drug Quotes | Famous Drug Addiction Quotes and Sayings

“I’m not really a heavy smoker any more. I only get through two lighters a day now.” – Bill Hicks

“I make it a rule never to smoke while I’m sleeping.” – Mark Twain.

“The difference between a drunk and a alcoholic is that a drunk doesn’t have to attend all those meetings.” – Arthur Lewis.

“I exercise strong self control. I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast.”- WC Fields

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. They wake up in the morning and that’s the best they’re going to feel all day.” – Dean Martin

“Let me be clear about this, I don’t have a drugs problem, I have a police problem” – Keith Richards

“Don’t do drugs because if you do drugs you’ll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison” – John hardwick

“I have taken more good from alcohol than alcohol has taken from me.” – Winston Churchill 

“The man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink and the drink takes the man” – Unknown

“You know you’re an alcoholic when you misplace things … like a decade.”  — Paul Williams

“Until I went to rehab, I didn’t understand what it did.” ― Aaron Neville

“I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose”. – Unknown

“The first thing in the human personality that dissolves in alcohol is dignity.” –  Unknown

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” – Henny Youngman

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