20 Ways to Say Something Dirty in Four Words

20 Ways to say something Dirty in Four Words, Wanna Say something dirty/Sexy to your boyfriend/girlfriend, than here is the list you’re looking for, Trust me when teens have fun, nothing bad has ever happen 😉

Baby, Are you Hungry ?


Lets play something Multi-player.


Locked at 30 frames.


Turn on your hotspot!!


My data-plan is unlimited.


Shake well before use.


You, me and exercise 😉


I like it rough.


Worked on Fine Leg.


Pull down to refresh.


Dance in slow motion.


Your Bed, My Bed


I just wanna sleep.


He forgot the raincoat.


5 Seconds of Summer.


Massage with happy ending.


Wanna go sleep Early ?


wanna try my handcuffs?


I’m a loaded gun.





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